Co-Founder/Executive Producer

Tiffany Burke is a Co-Founder of 222 pictures. She also owns a commercial and portrait photography company for the past 11 years. Together with her husband, they also own and operate an event center, The Tacoma Arts Community Center.


Before moving into being a commercial photographer, Tiffany worked in the costume department as a production assistant on movies "Shallow Hal" and "Me, Myself and Irene." Fun fact, she was a featured extra in both of those movies as well as "Stuck on You" "Say It Isn't So" and "The Three Stooges." 


Tiffany is also a social media marketing consultant for small businesses and entrepreneurs. She also runs a small grassroots non-profit called The Warmth Wagon where they collect warm items and necessities for our houseless community and those in need. They will partner with others to provide pop-up shops to shop with dignity for free or receive items directly on the streets. 


Tiffany is married to Sean, they live in Tacoma, Washington and together they have three bio children. They are also foster parents and often will have 5 children in the home at a time. They have fostered 13 children. 

Tiffany is very passionate about the arts and helping people.