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Co-Founder/Chief Legal

Tim Bunson is the founding partner of Two Twenty Two as the company's General Counsel.  He has devoted a substantial portion of his practice to providing legal services to independent filmmakers and working closely with producers to ensure their rights and interests are protected throughout the filmmaking process.  Through his sound counsel, he has assisted many many independent films with contract drafting, strategy, and development. He also has an extensive legal background in litigation with over a decade of litigation experience.


Tim's worked on a number of productions with budgets ranging from $500K - $3M.  Some of his past credits include feature films such as Sundance Award winner "As You Are", "Ayla", "Zoe" and "The Hard Song." His primary duties on all of these projects included the business formation of the production's legal entity, as well as drafting the contracts for all personnel on the production including but not limited to actors, directors, investors, casting directors, music supervisor, production designers, etc.  In addition to drafting all of the agreements, Tim provides advice on terms in the agreements and offers strategies to the producer to try and maximize the position and protection of the production.


Prior to founding Two Twenty-Two, Tim was a litigation attorney with clients throughout the United States.  Tim is a board member on multiple businesses and non-profits in his community. He has been married to his wife Suzan for 20 years and they have one thirteen-year-old daughter, Gabby.